Heart to Heart with Animals

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Continue your incredible journey to the inner world of animals!

"Heart to Heart with Animals" is Part 2 in a foundational series to learn Animal Communication. The intuitive senses you awakened in the first guided journey, will now be strengthened and focused.

In the grounded and practical way that only a hereditary Animal Communicator and healer can, Reisa Stone demystifies concepts such as chakras, the Third Eye and spirit world contact. You'll receive a list of questions specific to the daily concerns of animals. Not what most people believe they think about---but what a seasoned Communicator has heard them express repeatedly.

You'll learn to ask questions that trigger informative answers, and lead you into the very heart of your pet. Discover how to approach behavior problems in a way that will immediately begin to solve them

As an added bonus, Heart to Heart contains a section on finding lost pets.

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